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   Ed development co., LTD., established in nanjing2000Years,Mainly engaged in investment and asset management business。Investment business covers production and manufacturing、International trade、Equity investment、Industrial park operations、Cultural education、Endowment health services, etc。The company has investment management division、Integrated management department、Financial management department。Holding company、Holding companies including nanjing amity printing co., LTD、Nanjing amity import and export co., LTD、Nanjing amity venture investment co., LTD、Nanjing ivgl industrial park investment co., LTD、Nanjing amity cultural tourism development co., LTD、Ed in nanjing culture and art center。
   Nanjing Ed development co., LTD., based on industry to accelerate the development of public welfare undertakings,With the development strategy of public to promote the integration of social resources,Adhere to the market、Standardization、Professional operating principles,Along the operating direction of the diversified development,Operation objectives for sustainable development and steady development,Gradually achieve social enterprise vision。

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