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YaXiang past now the future
Based on Taiwan Deep continent Service in Asia

1978YaXiang company set up in Taiwan,By the underlying step by stepThe growth of the,Following the Taiwan industryThe pulse,Comply with the background of time and spaceThe shift,To adjust the concept of management、The development of new technology,In the traditionThe mechanical and electronic engineering。2002YaXiang integration was established,With leadThe technology and the modernizationManagement,Established in the domestic set up a company。Originated in Taiwan has become a current YaXiang group,Extended to Singapore、All over southeast Asia and mainland ChinaThe multinational companies。Strive to service throughout Asia in the future,And the world。

A wide range of industry service tentacles
“The core panel can cloud”The target customers

With time goes on and progress,Service tentacles extend“The core、Screen、People、The cloud、Can”,Wide range of customersThe full range of engineering suppliers with the environment。

The focus of engineering study
The creation of engineering research and development center

申博Currently YaXiang with independent invention patent48Items,The patent for utility model11Items,And in the further2017Years8Formal construction engineering research and development center,Plow continually in the engineering application technology,Create more for our customersProfits。

Sincere service of engineering industry
Products and environmental correlation analysis

申博“A good stabilityThe production environment”Is the YaXiang project providedThe final product,And from the Angle of engineering environment,Assisted the customer process characteristics,The yield of products during the process of producing to help customersImprove and improve,ThenIs the most sincere YaXiangThe service performance。

About YaXiang

Companies to follow“Professional、Innovation、Leadership、Waste reduction、Responsibility”The management idea,Advocate“Humanistic management,People-oriented”The development of the policy
To advocate“Specialization、Professional、Internationalization”The talent development strategy

Company profile

YaXiang system integration technology(Suzhou)Co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as YaXiang integration)Was established2002Years,By Taiwan YaXiang engineering co., LTD. And other shareholders invested,And in2008Years is reorganized into a stock company。2016Years12Month30In the day...

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