Anhui down mining co., LTD. Is a state-owned enterprise,Was established2001Years9Month,Company headquarters is in there sunan township(The new bridge)Within the territory,Mainly engaged in the exploitation of mineral resources、Processing and marketing,As well as the design and construction of blasting operation,New materials research and development;Other related safety technology、Three modern agriculture and food service industry。The total number of company employees800People,Experts at the provincial level、High technical personnel, etc60More than one。

The company size:Existing7Company-owned enterprises,Gold heap leaching respectively、The tiger ore block、Shanxi calcite ore(Which is the main body of nonmetal section mine company)、Modern agriculture co., LTD、Xin green ecological garden hotel、New material technology co., LTD,And a pine tree branch。Otherwise6Holding companies,Respectively:Tongling mountain sheep ear mining company(One of them,Sheep ear mountain iron mine is the body of the metal plate your company,In selecting ore20Ten thousand tons)、New company(The company is Asia's largest mirror iron powder production enterprise,High-tech enterprises in anhui province,Is the company's technology is fast the body of the enterprise)、Tongling lianxin mining company、Zongyang walter mining company、Tongling zero starting point and high calcium industry safety technology company。The company has all kinds of mineral rights20A,Respectively:5The mining right、15The right of exploration;Proven mineral resources around3000Ten thousand tons,Comprehensive service life30Years of above。Large mining enterprises。

Company under the leadership of the county government and the department in charge of,Vigorously carry forward the unity、Endeavour、Pragmatic、Down of the spirit of innovation,For safety is the foundation of survival,Environmental protection is the protection of development,Occupational health is the precondition of happy life for the idea,Based on the mineral resources development,Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of resources,Implementation of scientific development,Promote industrial upgrading。2015The annual,Output value of company2.14One hundred million yuan,Sales revenue1.9One hundred million yuan,Pay profit tax3000Ten thousand yuan,Ordinary staff income5.5Ten thousand yuan。That year also realize the fixed assets investment3000Ten thousand yuan,Completed the sheep ear mountain iron mine auxiliary wuhushan ore block sandstone of mill plant and project construction,During much starker choices-and graver consequences-in achieve great development for the company laid a solid foundation。

New company

Gold heap leaching a pine tree branch

New material technology co., LTD

Shanxi calcite ore

The tiger ore block

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Precious metals classGold、Silver,And the tail。The class of metallic ore deposits:Iron ore、Sulfur deposits、Manganese ore、Lead-zinc mine、Copper mine、Micaceous iron oxide。Non-metallic mineral classes:Calcite、Ultrafine coarse whiting powder。

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