Shanghai ants moving company charge standard transparent,The move is cheap,Welcome to contact us moved a telephone reservation in advance!

Ants moving company is committed to the best moving company in China

Service advantages
Company strength

Company strength

Ants move is moving in Shanghai distribution industry,Have all kinds of tonnage van freight vehicles900More than cars,With many years professional movers moving experience3000More than 1。

Customer commitment

Customer commitment

According to customer's individual needs,Combining with the characteristics of the city to move,Making complete move plan。To provide customers more intimately、Friendly service,Content to exceed what what be worth to the customer service。

Service guarantee

Service guarantee

Ants moving company institutionalized management、Professional service、Streamline operations,Set up the city to move、Long distance to move、Of distribution is given priority to move in the city transport system。

Charge is reasonable

Charge is reasonable

Move before we quote you with detailed move,No hidden fees,Careless of premium will never happen,Reasonable charge,Fair service。

Service project
Service process
  • Telephone counseling、Offer

    Telephone counseling,Preliminary understanding customers move date、Moving route,And if there were any valuables,Such as the piano、Big-ticket items such as safe,Whether to need to provide the cartons,Determine size and artificial several vehicles,Given a preliminary quotation。
  • The door、The packing

    In case of need,We can provide on-site assessment、Packing and move given Suggestions and considerations。Classifying scattered goods packaging、Furniture appliances dismantling do safety packaging,The kitchen breakable shock protection packaging,Move to sign the contract。
  • Moving loading

    Arrive on time agreed to move address,Move carefully statistics when handling items number,In the form of a list or inform the customer oral form confirmed,Orderly loading、New home security to you on time。
  • Moving car

    Arrived at the new home,According to the customer designated location,Positioning pieces,After his recovery of packaging waste cleanup,At the end of all the work after acceptance by the customer's signature。

Cost settlement

Strictly according to the contract price settlement,In cash、Pay treasure、WeChat、Contrary to transfer and charge a variety of forms of payment;And will you make out an invoice information to the leader,The invoice will be sent to you by express mail。
Move information
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