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Jiangmen city, guangdong province, with the building materials industry co., LTD on the planet

Tu bully building materials industrial co., LTD. In jiangmen city1999In the countryside of China coating-The Chinese enlightenment thinkers、The bourgeois propaganda、Educator liang qichao established great man's hometown。Jiangmen city with the building materials industrial co., LTD is a professional research and development on the planet、Production and sale of wall emulsioni paint、Fluorocarbon lacquer、Really stone paint、Gigging paint、Wood coatings、Floor lacquer、The adornment material such as high-tech enterprises。 Guangdong jiangmen tu ba building materials industrial co., LTD. The use of advanced technology,With advanced production equipment,And a batch of scientific research and development、Production quality control、Corporate image promotion、Such as a strong marketing and after-sales service,With Europe、The United States、, such as a well-known chemical industry giant(Such as bayer、Dupont、Rohm and haas、Nippon、Dulux、China resources, etc)Regular technical exchanges。 The company's products are with its environmental protection、Health、Super high performance and stable quality and win the credibility of the consumers,Have passedISO9001The international quality certification。China's environmental protection standard products、ChinaIIIEnvironmental protection certification、3CCertification、Bule certification,And the first household registration certificate of the national chemical production unit。 The company has a group of backbone elite,Factory production machinery and equipment is the introduction of Germany advanced technology formula,Has perfect high-tech testing equipment。After a struggle,With rich...

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