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Shenzhen burns building materials co., LTD. Is a company has rich experience in industrial building materials research and development manufacturing enterprise,In guizhou、Dongguan、Shenzhen、In hunan province、Hubei、In jiangxi province、Anhui province、Sichuan province、Shandong、Places such as shanxi's main dongguan epoxy floor paint、Shenzhen epoxy floor paint、Epoxy floor paint、Anti-static epoxy floor paint、Parking lot floor paint epoxy resin paint、Complete epoxy floor paint、Epoxy anti-static floor lacquer、Epoxy mortar floor lacquer、Water-borne epoxy floor paint、Self-leveling floor coatings、Anti-static floor lacquer、Cement floor floor lacquer、Wear-resisting parking lot floor paint、The underground parking lot floor paint、The underground garage floor lacquer、Workshop floor lacquer、Wear-resisting floor paint、Parking lot floor paint、The garage floor paint、Resin floor paint, etc。Company with the customer actual demand from the market itself,Special investigation、Integration、To implement the integration of the process,Every step we strive to keep improving,Provide innovative system solutions to its clients with high quality products,For the enterprise to create more comfortable、Living environment more protection of the environment。The company has first-class production technology、And focus on a group of hardworking、Persistent、Innovation、Development、Research and technical personnel and experienced construction team。The epoxy、Wear-resisting、Dust、Corrosion protection、Anti-static、Self-leveling cement、PVC、Sealed concrete curing agent, such as floor has the original opinion,Ensure that can provide customers with more quality and efficient design and construction services。Want to know、The construction、The price、Wholesale、Brand、Offer、Ten big brands、Calling information,Please call shenzhen burns building materials co., LTD。

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