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     Shandong cloud building materials co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Design、The construction、Maintenance、Training for the integration of professional floor enterprise。The company introduced foreign advanced technology、Equipment、And raw materials,Strictly implementedISO9001∶2008And the international quality management system standardsISO14001∶2004Environmental management system standards,The materials used are through the national supervision inspection to test,The parameter indexes meet the national standards(HG/T3829-2006《Floor coating》),Quality reach the international first-class level。In addition,We also established a nationwide service network products,Is committed to providing customers with high quality products with the most intimate services,To create industry leading brands。
The product mainly includes:To purify the floor clean(All kinds of floor paint、Anti-static self-leveling)、Wear-resisting flooring(Silicon carbide、Stone、Seal curing agent floor)、Sports ground floor(Basketball volleyball football field……)、Non-slip floor……

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