The vehicle management+Integrated together
Efficient vehicle management、Collaboration and business in a body,Provide vehicle real-time location management、Driving record、Professional products such as parking analysis and mileage reports, etc,Through business value-added service pack together,Improve the efficiency of enterprise overall vehicle synergy。
APP+Value-added service pack
A new design of cloud computing plug-in system architecture,Through the professional versionAPPMeet the fine management of the vehicle,Through the value-added service pack,Meet the demand of various industries of vehicle management,Really help enterprises to build digital vehicle management and the problem of vehicle data island。
Enterprise personalization
Custom enterprise own collaboration platform vehicle,By the customLogoAnd the login page,Building enterprise culture。
GPSMiHelp enterprise collaborative digital upgrade from vehicle management to business!
From the vehicle management
Sublimation To the vehicle business collaboration,The digital transformation!